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Our mission is to research, develop, and disseminate efficient technologies and effective policy for integrated water and energy conservation.

It takes energy to deliver water. It takes water to produce energy. The Center for Water–Energy Efficiency is a research and development center focused on this water–energy nexus. Though these two vital resources are inextricably tied and both are under increasing pressure from scarcity and environmental stress, nearly everyone—from folks watering their lawns to policy-makers building giant infrastructure projects and the government agencies that interact with and regulate all of them—treats water and energy as completely separate resources. Few consider the water impact of leaving a light on or the carbon footprint of a leaky faucet. Too often, the same can be said of those making large-scale decisions about energy and water infrastructure.

The Center for Water–Energy Efficiency is dedicated to breaking down the conceptual, legal, and technical barriers that divide water and energy systems, helping to find new economies and new efficiencies for consumers, planners, builders, and regulators alike.