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Sonoma Water is a regional leader in water resources management. Sonoma Water strives to look forward, beyond today's issues, to anticipate ways to advance its mission. Additionally, Sonoma Water continues to adapt its mission in response to changing opportunities, keeping Sonoma Water at the forefront of developments in the water industry.

InPipe Energy is a renewable energy and smart water technology company focused on novel approaches to integrating water and energy infrastructure. InPipe Energy’s products improve water management, mitigate environmental damage, optimize energy services, and recapture unused energy.

Moulton Niguel Water District delivers high-quality drinking water, recycled water and wastewater treatment services to customers in Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, Dana Point, and San Juan Capistrano. A leader in environmental protection, Moulton Niguel maintains the lowest average bill in South Orange County.

Pacific Gas and Electric Corporation (PG&E), incorporated in California in 1905, provides natural gas and electric service to approximately 15 million people throughout a 70,000-square-mile service area in northern and central California. Based in San Francisco, the company is a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation and employs approximately 20,000 people. PG&E’s energy efficiency programs for customers have saved over 135 million--megawatt hours of electricity-- enough to supply 21 million homes for an entire year. PG&E supports clean, environmentally sensitive sources of energy and provides financial incentives for solar and other clean energy projects. Currently, 12 percent of the company's power mix comes from renewable sources and there is a commitment to increase that to 20 percent by 2015. PG&E developed geothermal power sources over 40 years ago and has invested millions of dollars in photovoltaic research. PG&E is committed to supporting energy efficiency research and to implementing real-world energy solutions for the people of California.

Southern California Edison (SCE), has been providing reliable electric service to the dynamic areas of central, coastal, and southern California for over 125 years. Over the years, SCE has received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence award 13 times for its exemplary work in engaging millions of Californians in conserving electricity through energy efficiency programs. In our modern times, SCE strives to ensure energy reliability by expanding and upgrading infrastructure, delivering more renewable power, and continuing work as an industry leader in meeting the state's clean energy goals.