Measurement and Verification of Resource Savings

Background: CWEE has extensive experience conducting energy intensity (EI) analyses for water systems across the State and has developed a reliable and replicable methodology using actual usage data that more accurately measures water conservation compared to the use of regional averages. Additionally, CWEE has studied and published on the impact of water conservation in the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through decreased electricity consumption. Center researchers continue to explore and quantify the ties between energy, water, and GHGs to support the case that water utilities should receive acknowledgement that their water conservation programs reduce the consumption of other resources.

Project: CWEE is performing the Measurement and Verification of the California Department of Water Resources 2014 and 2016 Water-Energy Grant projects to determine water, energy, and greenhouse gas emission savings. CWEE will evaluate onsite conservation savings by designing a customer retrospective study for each grant, using customer water and energy data, and performing customer surveys. Center researchers will also provide offsite embedded energy and GHG emission saving analyses using its refined methodology for calculating the EI of water systems. At the conclusion of the study, researchers will provide a manuscript detailing statistical methods and experimental study designs for organizations to perform their own water-energy conservation program evaluations.

Geographical location of study: Water utilities throughout California