Advancing Demand Response in the Water Sector

EDMS Software Architecture Overview

The California Energy Commission is the sponsor of this project to develop and test a software suite to increase water utility participation in managing operational energy use. Analytical tools, dashboards, and extensions will be created and integrated with hydraulic modeling software to form the Energy Demand Management System (EDMS).

The user-friendly EDMS software suite will allow water utility operators to:

    • • Forecast and recommend optimized future operations
      • Forecast future energy demand profiles and energy costs
      • Facilitate on-site demand response participation
      • Be empowered to explore new operations based on future energy rate structures or demand response participation.

    * Please contact
    Kendra Olmos if you are interested in or have questions about signing up your water utility as an early adopter

    One recognized barrier to widespread adoption of new technology in the industry is the need for a proven track record. The California Water Efficiency Partnership (CalWEP) and CWEE will design and develop a Support Program to manage the technology transfer and dissemination activities for the EDMS. The Support Program will form a User Group of early adopters* who will use the software, provide feedback, and demonstrate real use cases to generate trust and interest from other water utilities.

    The Support Program will provide water utilities with critical training and collaboration with other adopters for their use of the EDMS in the form of: (1) outreach and engagement activities (e.g. trainings, peer-to-peer user exchanges, and engaging new users), (2) technology support (e.g. resolving troubleshooting or compatibility challenges), (3) maintenance (e.g. hosting the software, and providing updates, or new releases), and (4) hosted workshops to provide broad dissemination of EDMS knowledge to the water utilities.

    Sponsored by the California Energy Commission EPIC Program in response to GFO-16-305
    Project Partners: Moulton Niguel Water District and California Water Efficiency Partnership