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Frank Loge, Ph.D., P.E.

Frank is Director of CWEE and a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He began his career studying water and wastewater treatment, and has developed a strong interest in the relationship between energy, water, and health. Frank advocates performing fundamental research to advance knowledge and developing and deploying technologies and policies that improve environmental quality and human life. His research efforts focus on the energy and health implications of engineered and natural systems, designing sustainable systems and technologies, and entrepreneurship and finance.

Edward Spang, Ph.D.

Edward is the Associate Director of CWEE at UC Davis. His current work focuses on enhancing the conservation signal of water rates, mapping energy flows through water infrastructure, and applying advanced information technologies to optimize water-energy systems. As a doctoral student at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, he conducted studies on the link between water and energy resources at the global level as well as regional water and energy resource management in Portugal, Peru, and several countries in Central America.

Donald Thompson

Donald has over 18 years experience working on and managing research projects for UC Davis. His areas of expertise include molecular detection of pathogens in recreational water and associated health risks; assessment of environmental, chemical, and physical stressors on the health and survivability of outmigrating Chinook salmon in the Columbia River and Estuary; use of non-invasive techniques to assess fish passage structures in hydropower projects on the Columbia and Snake Rivers; and development of a computerized, automated, software system to process large amounts of video data and classify fish species.

Reed Thayer

Reed was a graduate student researcher at CWEE specializing in Water Resources. He is interested in optimizing regional water systems to better serve both people and the environment. He earned his B.S in Civil Engineering at Stanford University and completed his Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Davis in December 2014. Reed currently works at CH2M Hill.

Andrew Holguin

Andrew is a computational data scientist for CWEE. He has worked in several research centers (ICE, ULTRANS, JMIE) at UC Davis specializing in database development, geospatial data, and statistical modeling. Previous projects have included an assessment of biodiversity in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, modeling of vegetation exposure to climate change across the Southwest, and a study of factors driving building energy use in LA County.

Juliana Walton

Juliana is a data analyst for CWEE. She recently graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, focusing most coursework on sustainable engineering and water sanitation. In the future, she hopes to develop water sanitation methods or mechanisms in developing countries.

Sara Miller

Sara Miller was a graduate student researcher at CWEE. Her work focused on the effect different water rate structures have on utility finances and customer affordability and consumption. Sara completed her Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering in December 2014. Her undergraduate engineering education at the University of California, Los Angeles. Sara is currently works at RMC Water and Environment.

Katrina Jessoe, Ph.D.

Katrina is an Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics where she specializes in environmental and energy economics. Much of her recent research focuses on consumer and firm behavior in the energy and water sectors. Some ongoing and recent research projects include the analysis of time-variant pricing programs for residential and commercial electricity consumers and the interaction between energy and water conservation programs. These projects often involve collaborations with water and electric utilities, and state agencies. She received a BA from Princeton University in 2002 and a PhD in Environmental and Resource Economics from Yale University in 2009.

Gabriel Lade, M.A.

Gabe is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and works with CWEE studying options to reduce consumer water and energy use. He specializes in energy and environmental economics, studying the effects and effectiveness of environmental policies. Outside of his work for CWEE, he studies various aspects of policies aimed at reducing carbon emissions in the fuel sector such as the federal Renewable Fuel Standard and California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard. Gabe holds a BA from The George Washington University and a MA in economics from Rutgers University.

Florin Cristi Negrea

Cristi has a background in Computer Science and Industrial Automation. He works with external partners like Osisoft, Microsoft and IBM to install, maintain and use specialized software suites for water and energy data analysis while also handling computer and data security for the center. He is the developer behind CBVision, a distributed processing tool used on 30.000+ hours of underwater video yearly, removing empty frames and trying to automate lamprey counting for US Army Corps of Engineers.

Halona Leung

Halona is the research administrator and oversees the administrative office at CWEE. Her responsibilities are in contract and grant management, financial and account management, public outreach, event coordination, and graphic design. Halona holds a BS in Pyschology with a biology emphasis from UC Davis.

Kendra Olmos, M.S.

Kendra has a background in Civil and water/wastewater engineering consulting, onsite wastewater system design, and alternative water reuse systems including wastewater, graywater, and rainwater reuse. Her interests include water efficiency, water reuse, and integrated water management. As a graduate student, she worked with CWEE to investigate the zero-net water potential for a proposed residential development and the resulting reductions in energy use. Kendra received her BS in Environmental Resources Engineering at Humboldt State University, and an MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from UC Davis.

Sumiko Hong

Sumiko is the Director of External Relations and is responsible for building strategic relationships with individuals, foundations and corporate entities to increase visibility, awareness of and financial support for Water and Energy Efficiency related activities and initiatives underway at UC Davis. Sumiko has worked in external relations and development at UC Davis for eight years in the Office of Government and Community Relations and at the Graduate School of Management. Ms. Hong holds a B.A. from UC Davis in International Relations.

Soraya Manzor

Soraya Manzor is a graduate student researcher at CWEE. Her work currently focuses on water and waste water treatment design​. Her career interests include developing and improving water treatment processes that respond to current global necessities such as environmental care awareness and developing communities in need of water. She earned her B.S. degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Bioprocessing Engineering from the Catholic University of Chile.

Benjamin White

Ben White, NCARB, LEED AP, is a California-licensed architect currently pursuing a Ph.D. at UC Davis. Ben’s research is focused on intersection of energy policy, energy planning and the built environment. As an architect, Ben has designed over one million square feet of commercial space in southern California and was the recipient of the 2012 Young Architect of the Year award from the San Diego chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Ben completed a master’s of Environmental Science and Management at UC Santa Barbara.

Cesar Frandoloso

Cesar is an undergraduate student researcher at CWEE. Part of the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program, he is studying Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Davis as an exchange student. He is interested in green engineering and sustainability applied to engineered systems. At CWEE, Cesar is contributing in studies related to the energy efficiency of water distribution systems.

Mirann Tsumura

Mirann received a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering with an emphasis on environmental water treatment. During her time at CWEE, she worked on the energy intensity analysis of the wastewater system of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Project Engineer

The project engineer will execute technical and written aspects of project deliverables and research projects consistent with the Center’s mission, assist in project management and delegation of tasks to center staff and students, and perform project site visits and basic field work as needed.

Computational and Data Science Research Specialist/Programmer

The successful candidate will perform data management, programming, data visualization, and analysis tasks to support research and application development in the water-energy field and will assist in analyzing systems and automating processes to improve analytical applications, document procedures and prepare reports and training materials to communicate technical information to students, colleagues, and external partners.

Tom Ryan

Tom is an Engineer in Training (EIT) and is currently working at CWEE in the role of Staff Project Manager for the Solar Decathlon 2017 project. He is also completing the final steps of his Master’s program here at UC Davis in Environmental Engineering. Tom received his second Bachelor’s Degree from UC Davis in Civil Engineering in 2014 and participated in the Solar Decathlon 2015 competition as the team’s Construction Manager and later the Project Manager. He is excited to be working with the team again in a supporting role, lending his 15 years of experience in the residential construction industry to the project.

Shahab Faghri

Shahab Faghri is a graduate student researcher at CWEE and an Engineer in Training (EIT). His work focuses on affordable and sustainable structural systems for residential houses. His career goal is to develop innovative sustainable design to improve infrastructure and reduce the impact on the environment. Shahab earned his Bachelor of Science degree from UC Davis in Civil and Environmental Engineering with an emphasis on structural engineering. He is currently focusing his efforts on the Solar Decathlon 2017, reprising his role from the 2015 project.

Gabriel Paras

Gabe is the Project Engineer for CWEE. He has a background in the water utility field as well as experience in project management of various construction developments throughout the Bay Area. Gabe’s current responsibilities at CWEE include executing the technical and written properties of project deliverables, delegating tasks to staff and students, and assisting in project management both on and off site. Gabe graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering. He is thrilled to be contributing to the UC Davis College of Engineering and feels at home working for his alma mater.

Yepu Xie

Yepu is an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science and Engineering at UC Davis. She is passionate about elegant code and web development. She is currently working on developing a data platform that supports the center’s research to advance the joint conservation of water and energy resources under the US Navy Neptune program.

Jon Martindill

Jon is an applications programmer for CWEE. He uses his background in data management, programming, visualization, and analysis to support research and application development for the center. Jon received his BS in Environmental Science and Management from UC Davis.

Nathan Hatch

Nathan is earning his bachelor’s in hydrology from UC Davis. He has a variety of experience learning about natural and anthropogenic water systems based in the field and the office where he has studied the implicit political nature of water. Nathan has struck an interest at the confluence of water and energy at CWEE and works on understanding the relationship with energy intensity studies as a researcher.

Erin Musabandesu

Erin Musabandesu is a graduate student researcher at CWEE. Her current research focuses on water system energy optimization. Her career goal is to research and develop innovative and sustainable water and wastewater treatment systems that work with the natural environment and protect human heath. Prior to starting her Master’s program, she worked in the private engineering sector for six years and in international development for two years. Erin earned her bachelor of science degree from UC Davis in Civil and Environmental Engineering with an emphasis in environmental engineering.

Natalie Popovich

Natalie is a doctoral student in Agricultural and Resource Economics where her current research examines equity outcomes of urban water conservation policies. Her background in environmental justice and transportation planning motivated her interest in economics as a tool for evaluating environmental policy on distributional grounds. Whether in academia, government, or the private sector, she hopes to dedicate her time to investigating the unintended consequences of environmental regulation and making academic research more salient to both policymakers and those affected by the policies. She completed her MS in Transportation Policy at UC Davis and her BA in Race and Ethnic Studies at Whitman College.

Brett Snyder, AIA

Brett Snyder, AIA is a principal of Cheng+Snyder an experimental architecture studio based in Oakland, California and an Associate Professor of Design at the UC Davis. Brett’s current work is focused on issues around water and drought and ways that participatory design can enhance our relationship to the environment. His experience spans disciplines from working on urban scale architecture projects to intimate size objects to interactive experiences. He is a recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts award and a Van Alen New York Prize Fellowship. Brett holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Carnegie Mellon University and an M. Arch from the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation.

David de la Peña, Ph.D

David is an architect, urban designer and Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design. His research focuses on how citizens participate in the creation of cities and how designers engage with them to build places collaboratively He is currently working on two books that highlight innovative approaches to participatory design in the U.S. and in Spain. Current projects include self-built community centers, urban farms, community gardens, the UC Davis Solar Decathlon, and the UC Davis Sustainable Living and Learning Community. He earned his M. Arch from UT Austin and his MUD and PhD from UC Berkeley.